Please, Do not splash (The modern Narcissus) 2019

“Please, Do not splash (The modern Narcissus)” It’s a self-portrait that inaugurates the series “Funny Lovers”, an investigation of modern ways to love. The pictures tell the story of a man and his quest for love through Europe. The images are related to exploring if the concept of love is still alive. The series is inspired by painters like Hockney and directors like Almodovar to create a movie in stills images.

The Moiras (The three shadows of death) 2019

The Moiras is a contemporary representation of the Greek Myth about the three women who are in power of our life length. Represented in an abandoned quarry where the wall represents the line of life, the shadows are always close to us. This picture is part of a project called “Arche” or in English “Ogirin”, a series based in the contemporary review of the Greek Myths using natural spaces as a background and nude characters becoming part of the space.

Fe (Church Stain-window) 2019

“Fe” is a project that explores the abstraction of photography to trick the public and make them believe it is a painting. It is inspired by the church windows, where the images pretend to create a safe space of calm and observation. The series is formed by group of four images that narrates a story. In the one submitted, it tells a story of love and creation between an artist and the moon.

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jesus torio


Born in Andalusia, I enjoyed my childhood surrounded by nature, light and wonderful traditions. When I was 19 I moved to Madrid to become a nurse, but in the process, I got lost in its museums surrounded by artists and graphic designer. I spent there 4 years of painting, writing and taking pictures. I moved to the UK in 2015 to work as a nurse in a dementia home while studying photography. Now, in 2020, I am finishing my BA in photography and getting ready to move to London next year to continue my dream to become an artist.

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