Burst ice cubes 2020

Everyone's identity is built up in line with interactions with the environment and the beings they meet. Like identity, water adapts to its container and its environment.

The installation "Brust ice cubes" freezes in time and space, the result of two ice cubes colliding. A form that is only defined by its history, two perfect geometric shapes bursting and frozen in space.

Arsarneq V.2 2020

The ARSARNEQ V.2 ice monolith encloses in its heart an aurora borealis that Jesus S. Baptista and Philippe Zappadu captured during their creative residence on the Atka boat in Greenland.

111 A-L 2020

111A-L immerses the viewer on a journey through space to K2-18B, an exoplanet discovered in its habitable zone with an atmosphere where water vapors and even clouds are likely to form. A planet with a large rocky body, made up of iron, silicate and ice water, shrouded in hydrogen and helium. Its distance from its star suggests that liquid water may be found on the surface on its illuminated face.

The water interferes with the light. Here reflecting, there extinguishing. Water guides the design of our project and has therefore become essential in our approach. Our experience allows us to define principles, concepts, tools and creative processes that feed our connection to water, in all its forms and to the meeting of light and sound.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Jésus Baptista



In June 2016, I obtained my higher national diploma in plastic expression at the Haute École des arts du Rhin in visual teaching option. Option which places artistic mediation at the heart of its reflection.
Since then I have been working as an independent visual artist in a shared studio in a third place in Strasbourg. Since 2017 I have been using the video medium at the heart of my thoughts. What before was a broadcasting medium become an architectural plastic. Video within facilities praises all its magnitude. After questioning the identity of others while being a student, I returned to a slightly more personal reflection from 2018, with my installation "the poetics of the gap".
In January 2019, I was invited by the Atka association to a one-month creative residency in the Arctic Circle, north of Greenland. This residency will place the element "WATER" at the heart of my reflection and allows me to make the analogy between this natural element and my identity constitution.

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