kaleidoscope 2021

Kaleidoscope is a shifting of mindset from the routes of our grounds and a constant awareness of our evolving nature as people striving towards good both within and without in our involvement and role in society. The megastructure represents our perspective which is initially guided by our parents world views. As we grow and experience life for ourselves we begin to define and understand the world through our own kaleidoscopes, defining that which we will pass on to the generations to come.

99.8% like 2019

99.8% Alike comments on a recent article which I stumbled across, which stated that 99.8% of all human DNA across the world is the same, only .02% makes you you. I was so taken by this fact, the dancer slams strands of fabric and elements of identity back at the viewer in an attempt to reach out and engage. Her body is outlined by the home(lands), and her gaze is bold.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Jessica Michelle Le Roux

South Africa


​Jessica Michelle Le Roux (b 1989) is a South African sculptor and interdisciplinary artist. She obtained her BA at the Tshwane University of Technology in 2010, majoring in sculpture and printed image. Her disciplines feed off of one another as Jess frequently crafts a relation between planes and the facets within the environments she creates.

Iconic of the artist’s work is her use of negative space, how the beings depicted are grounded, and her vibrant use of textures and colours across disciplines. Her work queries preconceived world views and highlights the consequence of the butterfly effect. In doing so, Jess seeks to bring awareness to our generational perspectives, thought patterns, and our collective impact in the world.

Jess’s work resides in corporate and private collections, both locally and internationally. In February 2020, Jess was delighted to showcase with AVA Gallery at Investec Cape Town Art Fair. The artist’s work has featured in Sasol New Signatures, Thami Mnyele, and Absa L’Ateliers Art Awards finalist selections. Currently, Jess is working towards a body of work in bronze titled the Senses, which will showcase in 2022. Aside from her art practice, Jess is actively involved in projects and arts initiatives.

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