Women are not toys 2020

This is a piece with movement and you are the one that creates it, please see the video of the artwork
Its a unique and personal piece. Made with intervened photography in wood with a moving mechanism. The viewer is the one that reveals the image on the back by connecting with the art and moving it. This is a statement of gender. Women aren't toys is part uses the matatena game as an x meaning no. No to the bad treatment to women in general. But. It has a lot of interpretations and anyone can make their own and thats what the artists is expecting.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Jessica Feldman



Born in ohio 1972 lives and works in mexico city.
Graduated from veterinary school in mexico but studied art at the same time, after a while she decided to fallow her passion of art.
She has recieved many awards in Mexico including first prize in museum jose luis cuevas 2017, in Taiwán at art taipei and in United States atim prize, recieved at the mad museum ny.
Her collectors are from México , United States and Europe and include gabriel garcia marquez (rip) and the latin american museum in Barcelona.
 The idea of movement and playfulness with the spectator makes her work unique. She uses cinetic art and geometric figures and interlocks the human figure. It takes them to an idea sometimes fragmented and sometimes hole. She creates a perspective of the surroundings in an unconventional way.
 The spectator is crucial because they are the key to conclude the piece.
The use of women in her artworks sends a personal message and the nakedness is the reflection of the

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