The flat story of a decaffeinated artist 2020

The flat story of a decaffeinated artist is a 70×60 cm mixed media painting inspired by past events that impacted my journey as an artist. Hovering between an analysis of the human condition and metaphysical contemplation, this piece comes together through a strong composition that at first can appear chaotic needing perhaps a more profound attention in order to understand the intrinsic and pre-established connection between the represented elements. The selection of images and symbols represented were chosen carefully to make the viewer perceive situations and objects that belong to the common daily basis and through this approach create empathy with the painting.

Sem título 2019

Sem título (UNTITLED) comes to life through oil technique on a 100 x 80 cm cotton canvas. This artwork shows a female figure within her intimate scenario, surrounded by a black atmosphere that brutally take over the canvas leaving just a few signs of the preexisting harmonic background. From this scenario, based on the contemporary female imagination, a tense woman figure is presented linked to the stereotypes that are socially attributed to women which limit our own existence as artists. This figure dominates canvas and painting, and through this it claims a place for the female artist, but at the same time brings us to the image of the woman trapped in the world of art, not as a subject but as an object. However the use of the colors blue and white that surround the main figure, introduce the idea of hope and virtue.

Untitled 2019

This oil painting named meses depois (months after) takes form on a 60×40 cm cotton canvas which, at first catches the attention by the use of colors that blend into each other in a harmonic way inviting the viewer to a deeper analysis.
The artwork can be divided in three distinct parts which show a transition between an agitated and perhaps aggressive atmosphere, to a calming and peaceful exploration of color. By the use of overlaying or rather substracting layers of the initially painted work, it is possible to find naive forms created instinctively through the process of free drawing while the last visible layers of paint were still fresh. The focal point of this painting is the use of this above mentioned technic to create an intrinsic relationship between color, texture, meaning and object on order to stimulate the viewer visually and cognitively.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Jerusa Simone


I’m a mixed media artist currently based in Rome, Italy. Originally from Porto, Portugal, where as of last year I graduated from the Escola Artística do Porto. Parallel to my studies in Porto, I spent several months studying at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma in 2018, experimenting with different methods of artistic expression. Shortly after my graduation, I moved to Rome to start an internship with the contemporary collective Interno 14 Next, and have been continuing this work until the present day. During the past years, I have been exploring different mediums from painting to videoart, giving me the opportunity to exhibit internationally in various contexts and places, including Portugal, Italy, Saudi Arabia and most recently England.

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