The path of water 2013

This 3D animation consists of many metaphors within a variety of moving images. There is no solid storyline. The theme actually reflects my mental responses towards the world, conveying my value system throughout years of experiences. This work somehow implied that water has its own will, deciding where to flow regardless of any obstacle it may encounter. It will detour or penetrate in order to reach its destination. Regardless of how we perceive the image of water, it flows along its own path in a long cycle with or without human intervention.

The Journey of Water within Roses 2013

The animation starts with a floating petal and a road leading somewhere. The camera surfs through this rose like structure. Many water molecules transform into different forms during the journey. In the end, the camera dolly out to an overlook angle revealing that image consists of many similar rose structures. Then the camera dolly in the structure again. The journey is actually an endless cycle along the path.
Love is blind. We often lose our sensible mind when we fall in love. It seems like within the rose structure that we can only see some elements or those items. We don’t see the overall picture until we pull ourselves out of the situation. But we often got attracted in this fantastic illusion over and over again. If water has its soul, it knew the cycle will end where it begins. Somehow it still embarks its indefinite journey for the sake of love. It's something magic, isn't it?

The fantasy of an egg flower 2019

Women protect their babies while men protect their women as their priority. It seems to be a pretty nature principle to layout the foundation of countless legends and tales. The protein surrounding the yolk serves as the nutrition and protection to the new life. In this piece of work, the image of protein thrusting towards the yolk to form the shape of a flower indicates the metaphor of their mothers’ expectations. Their simple wish to bless their kids with prosperity could be just a fantasy because of endless challenges ahead of them. The eggshell is the shelter to flourish the new born also the last gift mothers can give. Female humans or animals always sacrifice themselves so much to trade off the prolongation and survival of the bloodline. Many risked their life to give birth or to protect their young born offspring. They deserved our respect for their selfless conducts.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.



Jerome Chia-Horng Lin is an artist who uses oil paintings and animation as the primary tool for his art creation. He currently lives in Taipei City, Taiwan. He has MFA degree of Computer Graphics and Interactive Media, that he received from Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, US. He is currently the lecturer of Dept. of Visual Communication Design, Chaoyang University of Technology.
He is awarded with Finalist award and Honorable Mention Award, Circle Foundation Artist of the Year Award 2018 and 2017, Lyon, France. 2017 Awards Winner, Video Art section, It’s liquid international contest 4th edition, Venice, Italy, Experimental Award from International Short Film Festival FENACO Cusco Perú. Also prior to those, his animations were selected by more than a dozen of international film festivals in UK, Germany, Italy, France, Hungry, USA and etc.
Over the past decade, he continues to create a series of works based on the theme of “Water”.

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