Dungeon 2021

The proposal deals with an eminently characteristic trait of our current society, the desire for celebrity, or to put it differently, the desire to get out of the shadows to enter the light, sometimes even hoping to become this "light". The desire for celebrity seems to win over more and more individuals today; and this phenomenon has largely increased with the multiplication of information via social networks, reality TV, the multiplication of screens, and more generally, with all the strategies put in place by the society of the spectacle. In 1968, in the catalog of an exhibition at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Warhol wrote: "In the future, everyone will have the right to 15 minutes of worldwide fame. "Indeed, from now on, everyone can claim a form of celebrity if they wish. But what kind of fame is it? What for? And with what consequences? Dungeon is an animation made from photographs of photographs. The elements that make up the film come from prints found in magazines, books,

Contre-Nature 2021

CONTRE-NATURE is an immersive video installation. Video projectors broadcast a film on a triptych of screens arranged in a U shape.
The video presents a succession of paintings made from hand-drawn watercolors that are digitized and then animated using 3D software.a
From these drawings, a decor is thus constituted.

The spectator, placed in the center of the installation, finds himself transported inside an animated forest space.
This immersive space, drawn houses creatures sometimes related to plants, sometimes to animals. It stages a rather particular fauna and flora since each specimen displays human artifices related to appearance (tattoos, leather, pendants) but also to war (weapons, tactical vehicles, etc.).
In this apparently peaceful environment, the plants are intimidating, even warlike. As if they were aware of an imminent threat. The danger that is perpetrated by the globalized, modern industrial society.
This realization questions our relationship to nature,

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Jérémy Griffaud



Born in 1991, lives and works in Nice, France.

By questioning the issues of his time, Griffaud parallels, for
example, the preservation of biodiversity and the body-built
staging of oneself as in the projects Enlarge Yourself and Landstrength.
By hijacking clichés anchored in the collective imagination,
Griffaud produces absurd or parodic works that draw on the
contours of his singular universe and a fantasy world

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