From there and no-where chronicles 2018

« From there and no-where chronicles» is a collection of animated short stories depicting an imaginary outskirt. Roads roundabouts, shopping areas and pastureland embody here a certain idea of «Beyond the outskirts»

Landstrength 2019

Enlarge Yourself 2020

Enlarge Yourself is i project I made especially for the space during Festival OVNi in Nice. It is an installation made of 3 videos and drawings. The main video projected on the walls interacts passively with the running machines. The spectator runs while watching the video. He has the sensation of walking inside an animated landscape. This Video is a 6 minutes long travelling inside an handmade drawings environnement. It is looping.

Another video is inspired by motivational quotes talking about being stronger and powerful. I diverted some real quotes I found on social medias.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Jérémy Griffaud


I live and work in Nice. I graduated from Pavillon Bosio, art and scenography school of Monaco in 2017. I work essentially with drawing, video and installation.

My research follows the popular culture spread by television, music industry and especially social medias.
Subjects I question are directly or indirectly linked to the construction of an image carrying an identity, which can be a self-representation, representation of a group or the representation of an ideology.
I focus essentially on the ways which individuals or groups use to differentiate themselves, through visuals processes or storytelling.

My approach consists in diverting some stereotypes or codes to another context of reception and/or production. My creations are thus often parodic or absurd.

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