Corwin's Wings 2020

"Corwin's Wings" is a piece from my ongoing conceptual work "Mother Series" that began in 2015 with the birth of my first child.
I became overwhelmed at the beauty and weight of it all and sought refuge in the pauses of everyday activities. "Mother Series" has given me a space to breathe, collect, and interpret the severity of becoming and being a "good" mother.

Cherries, Pit, and Ames' Lost Tooth 2020

"Cherries, Pit, and Ames' lost Tooth" is a playful interpretation of domesticity gone astray. Cherries which signify sweetness and purity have taken a turn for the worst. Ames' broken tooth is a domestic terror that is at once comical and weighted. Is this lost tooth a coming of age tale or one that lifts the veil of perfection?

Flower Hair 2020

"Flower Hair" is part of an ongoing series depicting my experience of becoming, and being a mother. All of the photographs in this series are conceptual constructions of my children and I, that are at once a truth and a collaboration. In this particular construction my identity is described only in reference to symbols of purity and love, while the rest of me is obliterated. Motherhood is precious and raw; wonderful and dark

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Jennifer Georgescu

United States

Jennifer Georgescu's conceptual photographs describe the instinctual aspects of humanity correlating to and differing from societal structuring. With a background in painting and photographic arts, she utilizes medium format film photography, installation, and digital technology. Her projects analyze dualisms in language, relationships, mythologies and control. "I often search for a balance that exists between these dichotomies. This is how I view humanity; always teetering on the line between fiction and reality, domination and submissiveness, self and other."

Georgescu is based out of San Diego, CA and Basel, Switzerland. She is a recipient of the John Chervinsky Scholarship, through which she was awarded a solo exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography and a monetary grant in 2019. Her ongoing project, “Mother Series” has received international recognition and was the 2020 grant recipient of the William Male Foundation of San Diego, CA.
Recent exhibitions include th

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