Weyinmi 2021

Weyinmi is set in a bright room, neatly decorated with the subject staring at the audience. This piece aims to spark a conversation on curating your personal spaces (studies, bedrooms, living rooms) to represent who you truly are at the very core. I believe doing so gives one a clear head more often than now and assists with any type of healing process going on at the moment.

Unidentical 2019

This piece highlights the struggles of unidentical twins in a society where the average person lacks boundaries and views twins as lab experiments of some sort who should be subject to their rather silly scrutiny.

Waiting to bloom 2020

“Waiting to bloom,” a radiant and striking piece of work is a personal gift from me to you, the viewer, hoping that this will assist you in locating your inner peace, and perhaps bring a semblance of who you are.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Jekein Lato-Unah



At 24 years old, Lato-Unah, a Nigerian visual storyteller who marries different mediums of artistic expression, sometimes all at once, is a prodigy becoming. She has created a world of colour, of form, of pattern and vibrancy which compels you to stare for a while. Jekein inscribes her paintings with networks of jigsaw-like patterns forming a remarkable technique.

Jekein recognizes painting as a unique opportunity to delve into one’s existence and understand the how’s, why’s expand upon reality. She is interested in the collective experience of women, with a focus on identity and shared emotions.
Lato-Unah says she wants her subjects to wield all the power while gazing back at the viewer. The simple and direct acknowledgement of their relevance, their power, is what she wants her audience to experience.

Her recent practice has involved participating in performance art workshops and mentoring young female artists in West Africa. She is currently completing a degree in Law from the

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