One person sculpture exhibition at the Littleton Museum, metro Denver CO. USA 2020

Space Gallery in Denver CO., where I’ve shown my work for 3 years arranged a meeting with the curator of the Littleton Museum. We created an exhibit of 18 pieces of sculpture, both small and large. I’m particularly pleased with the placement of my piece, “Focused Anomaly” in the dramatically curved entry lobby. I also created a large hanging piece for the show, “Black Lightning Flier”, whose subject matter deals with the forest fires that are now an inherent part of our lives. I assembled 3 burned oak trunks into a jaggedly streaking form, suggestive of the lightning strike that started one of the fires. From the tip of the burned branch 3 bronze leaves emerge, and a suspended bird’s nest with 3 eggs suggest the resurgence of new life.

Genesis Theory 2011

A hand, constructed of gold plated bronze wire emerges from a cosmic cloud to cast forth the planets into the universe. Both elements are balanced individually atop a pivoting arm of hammered forged bronze. The base is made of cast carved concrete. 48″ High x 35″ Wide x 10″ Deep

Rincon Ascending 2019

I built this piece inside an abandoned house because I don’t have a studio with a roof high enough to accommodate it. After working on it all winter we then cut a hole in the roof of the house and lifted it up and out with a crane. My wife and fellow artist Susan B Wise and myself hosted a wild extraction extravaganza party with the 2 of us in gloriously sequined Rocket Man suits made by Susan. The sculpture has now been permanently installed atop 3 custom concrete pillars at the entrance to a new housing project in my home town of Durango CO. USA.

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Jeff Glode Wise

United States

I have been a working artist my entire life, beginning in junior high school in the 60’s, making peace symbol rings and roach clips for the Denver Folklore Center. I then created an international career in art jewelry, showing in the U.S., Germany and Japan. I’ve taught numerous workshops at prestigious institutions, including the Escola Llotja in Barcelona Espana. In the 90’s I studied stone carving at the Denver Art Students League. I then taught myself to weld. I’ve done 3 public art installations and currently have my 1st one person Museum exhibition. I’ve built 2 significant contemporary art homes. My work is in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C., the Boston Museum of Fine Art, and the Museum of Art and Design in New York City.

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