hard and soft 2020

A bunker on the edge of the ocean. A minimalist composition where I wanted to contrast the hardness of concrete with its obtuse angles with the softness of the curve of the beach. A long exposure to soften the moving sea. It is also an aesthetic research at the level of color rendering.

The Aesthetic of The Movement 2020

Getting to find the perfect exposure time to capture the movement of the surf in order to find the perfect harmony of the movement.

Cracked 2021

The drought has been raging lately. A graphic photograph where the landscape becomes abstract, minimalist and unreal.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

jean paul soujol



Jean-Paul Soujol (France) lives in Provence at the foot of Mont Ventoux. His approach to photography is a quest for creativity. In a dialogue with light, the subject becomes a sculpture, and the landscape gives birth to landscapes. He leads us to a process in which the photographer becomes a painter. The horizon is her guideline. He chooses his compositions so that the elements respond or reverse to end in abstraction. The earth becomes the sky, the sky becomes the sea.
"Photography enables me to challenge myself, to express the unchangeable fascination of human being in the sacred link between earth and heaven".
His minimalist vision drives him to think and compose square. Every photograph is a creation, rotation, motion, long exposure, filters… are all ways of detaching one's subject from its all too familiar and ordinary envelope, of removing its mask to place it in a new landscape.

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