supernova 2020

Supernova n° 048/20

Drawing: Acrylic on Paper.

SUPERNOVAE relationship between human and cosmos, from the infinitely great to the infinitely small , I present my new works supernovae 2019 , showing the end life star implosion .. In astronomy, a supernovae is a result of a appearance star implosion with a gigantic explosion of light .the envelope of the star is projected into space at very high speed which begins to shine like millions of suns . a supernova is born.

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United Kingdom

Front 1990, I studied with Josep Castell, a French Catalan painter and famous sculptor ( la voute des mains, Deutschland )
1990 -93 in private art school to learn painting restoration.( I know knoledges about conservation painting and differents materials no used by painters to perpetuate my works in a long time.)
I have been a full-time visual artist for 25 years and I live in a small village in the famous Cathar country, Lesquerde.
Developped over the many years of different practice, I am self taught with different artistic applications as abstract painter and illustrator. I worked in painting restoration for the great French museums during this period.
I occupy my studio in London since 2016 to do classical landscape ( especially the city of london that I love ), since I practice too photography for 3 years now )
I work by series according to the influences of the moment : supernovae – inspired by Young British School ( Hirst …) , abstract by french School : Support / s

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