FLow-etry 2018

Acrylic on wood- ‘3.5’x’11’

Phoenix 2019

Wood scraps & Glue- “44”x”63″

Emerge & Sea 2019

Wood Scraps & Glue

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Javiye Bentley

United States


Javiye Bentley is an emerging artist from Dayton, Ohio. His art fascination began in elementary with many attempts to recreate characters from his favorite shows. Developing a keen eye for detail, sparked his art teacher’s attention to insist enrollment in Stivers School for the Arts where he discovered his insatiable thirst to create.
While attempting to enhance the perception of others, Artist Javiye Bentley has developed an interesting perspective himself. He first began creating work on scraps of wood, old clothing, broken furniture, anything he could find, another man’s trash became his treasure.

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