scenes from artificial life 2015

from the series "scapes" 2019

from the series "body in stone" 2017

At the beginning, when I started taking these pictures, I thought a human is that changing and living element, while a rock is steady, stiff, cold and unchangeable. But after looking at these rocks for several years I thought this was a rather simplified point of view. The same rocks I photographed one year before had the traces of human touch the following year. Names, hearts etc. carved in the soft sandstone. But the following year the traces were gone; wind and rain healed these wounds, changed the surface and the texture of the rocks. Their structure and shapes change just as our skin and shape change with time. I wanted these photographs to show a kind of connection between body and stone; similarities and contrasts; The both penetrate each other, separate, create relations which can be interpret on different levels: as a reference to a human-human, human-nature or human-space relationship.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Jaroslaw Jarema


Jaroslaw Jarema, born in 1974. A photographer. He lives and works in Poland. He focuses on relations between the reality and a world being created, between the real and the fantasy. He tries to show the balance between these two elements. He believes in universality of symbols, which he treats as a basis of his message. His work reflects his deep interest in classical art: most of all painting, sculpture and poetry; he combines them with elements from the surrounding world. In his work he searches for relations between human and space. He works using traditional techniques.

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