Keep Resisting! 2019

This piece is a reminder to always stand up to those who are intentionally doing harm to others. When that's Trump, that's Trump, but even if/when he's defeated, Keep Resisting, because there are sadly always bad people ready to do harm.

Pull My Finger! 2019

This is about how easily pain and pleasure can become confused, both for those seeing it and for those who are participants in it. Are they the same? Opposites? Intertwined? Sometimes it's dangerously hard to know.
The red, which is the color of passion, is simultaneously associated with blood, violence and death, but also with love, lust, and sexuality. Time will tell if these ambiguous figures will ever become untangled, or if they even want to.

Behind the Mask 2021

This piece another one that plays with an ambiguous figure. There were two main types of fearful people in the world of U.S. politics in the past year. Those who were rationally afraid of deadly airborne virus, who chose to mask and stay inside, and those who are irrationally afraid of those who are different, and therefore choose to build walls around themselves.
Both of those figures are afraid, for themselves and for the future of their country. The important thing to do in situations like that, is to listen to both, and then figure out who is worth continuing to listen to: those whose fear has no basis in truth, and those whose fear is based in truth. I've been disappointed to see how many can't figure that out.
In any case, the figure in this piece is literally building a wall around themselves, and that wall is forming the flag. One hopes they can open that wall up one day, when they're ready to be welcoming.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Jared Schwartz

United States

Jared Schwartz has drawn his entire life as a therapeutic exercise, but started realizing his artwork’s potential for helping others after the events of the election of 2016, in regards to people’s mental health, as well as in helping others to learn about the world, but specifically their country.
Since that time, Jared’s artwork has been featured globally, from local galleries like the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, to the Leicester Museum & Art Gallery in England. His work has been featured in the Center for the Study of Political Graphics and the Women’s March, and has won awards at shows like the Santa Fe Springs International Art Show.
A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, Jared Schwartz is based throughout Los Angeles where he resides, spending most of the day either drawing or teaching. Much of his artwork can be found throughout Downtown LA, sometimes stuck to walls and sidewalks, and other times nailed inside of a gallery. He recently turned 25 years old.

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