Memory medium. 2016

ID photos, memory cards and memory card cases
3,8×4,8 cm
10 pcs
Passport portraits inserted into covers for memory cards. They fit
perfectly. With film photography you can easily see what is on the negative, but with digital
media, seeing an image is not that easy. Memory cards are like heads of people. There is
information inside, but you cannot see it./


Niveau stable. 2016

hand engraved 35mm slides
around 80pcs
slideshow or digital prints 90x110cm


Egg. 2016

From the serie Souvenirs
digital print mounted on dibond

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Jan Šipocz


Ján Šipöcz born: 1983 in Bratislava, Slovak republic Lives and works in Prague, Czech republic Education: 2003- 2009 – Academy of fine arts and Design in Bratislava 2004/2005 , 2006-2009 Studio of photography, Filip Vančo 2005/2006 s.s. Studio of creative photography, Prof. Milota Havránková 2005/2006 - w.s. Akademia sztuk pieknych v Poznaniu, Poznan, Poland member of civic association PHOTOPORT Finalist of Oscar Čepan award, 2011 Finalist of Photographer of the year 2017 Residence: CEAAC Strasbourg, 9-12/2015 BANSKÁ ST A NICA Contenporary, 3/2017 Slovak National Gallery - Melivo, 8/2017 more on my website:

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