Long exposure of this zig zag pier on the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria, Australia at sunset. Nice movement of the clouds and silkiness of the water.

DIRT 2015

A house narrowly missed by this gorgeous anticyclonic tornado in the farm lands of Simla, Colorado.
Only 2% of tornadoes are anticyclonic (roating the opposite direction)


Whilst working with a conservation team, I was able to get an almost portrait shot of this Southern White Rhinoceros staring right down on us in Thabazimbi, South Africa as the sun begins to set on a warm autumn day.

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James Smart


Born & raised in Melbourne, Australia, I took up photography in 2012 whilst visiting Italy.

Landscapes were the main focus once picking up his first Canon DSLR, and has not looked back.

The weather photography came only a year later, deciding to venture to tornado alley in the United States of America.

Not having much luck on the first storm chasing journey, he has returned every year since and has captured
mother nature at her most dangerous.

Since then I have also taking to the water in photographing marine life which is a great new challenge and also land wildlife both in Australia & South Africa.

After capturing such stunning images from storm chasing, James’ has been published in numerous
magazines & publications around the world including
National Geographic, Australian Photography Magazine & Red Bull.

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