Fifteen Meter Case 2020

I made this collection with [Hair, Candle, Thermal paper, Wood, Rusted Iron, Glass]. Thermal paper is a special fine paper that is coated with a material formulated to change color when exposed to heat. I used the iron and the candle to draw on these papers. Also Each work contains a piece of paper that the text of which is written by a typewriter from the 1960s. The most obvious thing about my works is the use of unused objects, and I like to produce artistic content from consumed objects. Hair is a sign of man that is constantly changed and influenced by internal and external factors and its a material that has allowed me to express my thoughts. And of course the most important thing for me is the process of creating my work, which is very difficult to explain.

Pargale (patch) 2020

Life is hang by a hair 2020

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Jahanbakhsh Amirbeygi


1991 , Hamadan, Iran

Education :B.A. Sculpture, faculty of fine Art, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran 2017

membership in the Contemporary Visual Arts Development Institute, Iran
membership of the Pottery and Ceramic Art Association , Iran
The member of Yatooi ,art in nature group in South Korea -since 2019

Karelian Art-Residency Network and Art Tourism (KARAT, KA3002)

30 Group Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Ceramic, Print making… in Hamedan, Tehran, Mashhad, Kerman, Oslo, Milan, Chicago and Ivory Coast, From 2013-2020

2016, The 6th Biennial of Damon Far Gallery.
2019, Eleventh Fajr Visual Arts Festival in sculpture, Tehran, Iran
2019, The 2th ContemporaryIranianElitesSymposium, Tehran, Iran
2019, The 9th International Sculpture Symposium, Tehran, Iran.

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