Reverse the Killing 2019

lino on polyester,clay giled with copper leaf
190×150 cm

Venetian Clock 2019

linocut, gouache, plaster, ink, caran d’ache and monotype mounted on artist-made board
195x190x5 cm

Vesuvius Roses Meet again 2019

lino, monotypes, gouache, caran d’ache, copper, ink mounted on artist-made board

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Jade Ching-yuk Ng

Hong Kong

I am an interdisciplinary artist who has recently received a fully funded Abbey Major Painting Scholarship at the British School at Rome in 2018. I exhibited at Whitechapel 46, Canal Mills Armley, Siegfried Contemporary, Assembly Point, Tripp Gallery, Matt’s Gallery and CGP Gallery.

I look into the interpretation of history,which is staged like and simulated in many places around the world without any genuine indications.To me,it becomes a process of mythical story telling rather than about facts.I challenge the orthodox approach in symbolism and liberate these traditional symbols by recreating them into my personal fictions.My fictions often ridicule the danger of false interpretation. The space in my paintings is based on the existing cities or ruins and I re-staged them into a symbolic labyrinth,which is a juxtaposed spatial dimension where the art form is neither flat nor sculptural. I depict the space through re-framing the spaces to allow viewer’s eyes to travel.

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