Viviane's Last Kiss 2019

AW19 collection ‘Viviane’s Last Kiss’ is dedicated to the designer’s friend, Viviane Zitzer, who passed away last October after being defeated by cancer.

Mother and Child N°1 2018

SS18 Mother and Child N°1 portrayed a relationship between Mother and her 3 children.

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jacqueline loekito


Jacqueline Loekito is a visionary female designer. Born from a British mother and an Indonesian father, Jacqueline has a special cocktail mix of a background that shaped the designer she is today.

Jacqueline redefines distinctive heteronormativity within traditional fashion by creating artistic genderless collections. Her main vision is that Jacqueline Loekito garments can be shared between men and women from one wardrobe to another. Sharp tailoring juxtaposed against flattering lines and complimentary colour palettes satisfy elements of both masculinity and femininity in each of her designs. Genderless clothing has been Jacqueline’s vision since she began studying fashion in 2006. Where

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