Justin, New York. 2016

MILZA 2016

MILZA 2016

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Jacopo Paglione



I was born 1989 in Castel di Sangro, a small in town in Italy.
I took a degree in Photography at European Institute of design (IED) in 2011.
My work revolves around fine art and most recently portraiture.
All of my works come from my need of growth as a person and also from my experience.
My main interested as a photographer is to create bodies of work that can help me understand what I go through as a human being.
Everything I do comes from the need to cope what I’m dealing with and see it in a material form. It’s like a way to exorcise my demons
I always say that the first viewer of what I do is myself. I take pictures for myself first.
I start my projects to feel better, to feel part of something and to see myself in the pictures I take.
So that is the hope I have for other viewers. I want them to feel more connected with other, but most with themselves.

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