"Marittima" 2021

What is the future of the Italian city?
Marittima is the symbol of the city scape placed in the fragile landscape condition of the peninsula.
How to move on with such an heritage?
How to enrich this environment in a feasible way?
Or is it just a treasure destined to get lost?

"Urban Organ" 2021

What if a city can breathe?
Urban Organ is the hope and the desire to have the city working as an organism, a most likely natural element that allows to city to work, sustain and purify itself

"The Greatest city" 2021

Where is the greatest city?
It dwells in the spatial dream of an elegant future: new industry combined with nature, and natural humans in the built environment, rivers instead of highways and clean devices for a new energy.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Jacopo Grilli



I am an urban designer based in Amsterdam,
but my head is scattered wherever there is a sense of city and humanity.
I believe that cities are the mirrors of our society. Working on the future by designing them mean a great responsibility to me.
Imagination, first of all, is the tool that guides the best solution for an improvement and modification to achieve a better lifestyle of our fundamental human environment: The City

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