Peak to Peak. 2017

Taken in Guilin, China, my ultimate message with my infrared photography is to show that the world is more beautiful than the chaos that seems to surround us. That the world may seem terrible, but look at all the beauty it also has to offer. My job is simply to show this beauty; counteract the ugly – that we can all live in a better/fantasy world if we choose to.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Jack Seikaly


I'm a Lebanese photographer currently based in Montreal. Ive been working with HDR and infrared photography for the past decade, continuously trying to improve my technique. My photographs focus on urban, landscape, and portraits. My recent infrared work has had me questioning whether they should be categorized as photography or digital art (given the great deal of editing involved). However, I believe that it should fall under the photography category as the foundational process requires taking the photograph with an infrared camera. As infrared photography almost necessitates editing, it would not be fair to thus claim that it moves away from photographic art. Please do visit my website for more samples of my infrared work to gain a greater understanding of my process and idea.

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