Infiltration of the deepness 2017

Since 2006 the beginning of the process of internal reflection through visual synthesis/analysis, and after some years of independent practice she formed principal conception of her artworks and personal research and begins collaboration with international art projects around the world.
Rethinking the fine art in the context of today she makes a fundamental emphasis on the transformation and variability showing ultra speed, uncertainty, fragility and instability of any position in the contemporary world. Her artistic language is based on a dialogue of aesthetic balance, multilayered of artistic concept and the fragile issues of our time. The interaction of duality forme the visual context that focuses on the return of absolute moment of contemplation as a desperate attempt of liberation/escape from information glut, overcoming of socio-psychological destruction,imposed clichés and post-traumatic state.

Fragments (II) 2019

Experimenting with a fragmentation and combinatorial structure, she explores process of internal reflection through the visual synthesis and transition from deconstruction to reconstruction, where the twoness and interaction between visual aesthetics create of a timeless artwork.

So close & So far (diptych) 2019

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J. Teti


Teti is an international interdisciplinary artist,independent researcher and author of experimental chamber music.She received a strong musical education, in parallel perfected its artistic skills in drawing and painting.Since 2015 she is Ambassador International/laureate of l’Institute Europeen des Arts Contemporains (IEDAC,France), and member of l’Académie Européenne des Arts-France (France).Her artwork was selected and publishing in reference art book “HIMMELBLAU ArtCompass 2016-2017″ (Germany),”101 Top Fines Artists of our day.vol 2017-2018″ (Germany),”International Contemporary Artists,vol.11″ (2016,US),”Artist Portfolio Magazine” (2015,US),”Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine” (2019,France) and prestigious “Aesthetica Magazine” (2019,UK).In 2019 her personal catalog were presented on L’ARTBOXproject in Miami Art Basel.Currently, she live between France and Belarus and participates in numerous group exhibitions in Paris, Zurich and London.

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