Marusya Churai 2021

This work is my vision of the main character of the Ukrainian poem “Marusya Churai”. Her love, Grits, betrayed Marusya and find rich bride. In her hand you can see a poison, which she was going to use to kill herself, because of grief. But accidentally Grits drank it.
Around her head you can see the lyrics from national song about this girl. Marusya’s head I have taken from Ukrainian dolls-amulets.

Passion 2018

Pink portrait 2019

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Ivanna Malii


Hello, my name is Ivanna, I am an artist from Ukraine.
I’ve started to treat my hobby seriously since sixth grade. Art school, different competitions, academical rules.
Later my art to love transformed into my profession: now I am an architecture student. I have a goal to enter Politecnico di Milano. The reason why I have chosen this university is that historically Italy was the center of culture, especially in architecture. In the other hand, is the high quality of education. My university is the best architecture school in Ukraine and I believe that It can teach me as an expert, but I want to compare and combine two different ways of education.
Also I am fond of photography, but I don’t have any education in this sphere. I always relied on my intuition. Anyway I see growth in my skills. It would be a great pleasure to apply for your competitions twice in different categories)). But I guess it is prohibited
More about my skills and understanding of art you can see from my works

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