"Portraits-nodes" 2020

The idea that human beings are the sum of psycho-fizoilgic nodes is known and bit as a commonly accepted metaphorical view. Viewed in this plane, man is a plexus of excitement, experiences, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Elements that simultaneously build and identify it. If these conditions together form and make up ourselves, they are also only possible connections with the people around us, with society and with the world in its entirety. If we reperfrase it, we can poetically claim that the umbilical cord of our social connections is common. Countless threads braided in a rope. The qualities inherent in the rope correspond to the human character and conditions. Their main opposition, the one between tension and calm, unites and characterizes them. Portraits – knots is an idea to create an image of a protagonist by formally overturning the common thoughts between the qualities of the knot and the person. The sculptural realization of the project “Portraits-Knots” draws the viewe


"Knot-portrait", performing for the camera 2020

Figuratively, we present a collection of psycho-physiological nodes. A split of emotions, experiences, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. What comes back and connects us together tells us that we connect in time with the horizon around us and with the world. The umbilical return to the social environment of our relationships is common.
Self-portrayal of nodes is an idea for modeling anyone as people of connections/returns. This is a symbolic act of self-building and self-knowledge.

"Reminder adverstising" -Advertising you don't want! 2021

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Ivan Borisov



Born in Gorna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria in 1997.
2012-2016 "National High School of Applied Arts" Tryavna, Bulgaria.
2019-2020 " Brera Academy" Milan, Italy in the class of Professor Gianni Caravaggio.
2017-2020 "University of Arts and Design" Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Bachelor of Sculpture.

Exhibitions and participation:
2015 Symposium on sculpture, "Forma"-Tryavna, Bulgaria.
2017 Group exhibition in Galery" Nikola-Petrov", Vidin, Bulgaria.
2019 Symposium on sculpture and painting Satu Mare, Romania.
2019 Group exhibition on sculpture Cluj-Napoca,
2020 Participation with a video performance in Atelier Plastelin Gallery, Sofia.

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