Spring_experiment #3 2017

Durational performance thought as loop for one spectator at the time. The performance work on the body as Spring's icon creating a kind of altar, where people can stop and listen with headphones, the sounds and voice of the icon made of concrete sounds and poems

Elogio della vita 2018

Photography b/n printed on forex , 30*45
Showed at the exhibition "Le fil rouge" 2018, Palazzo Risolo, Specchia (Lecce)

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Iula Antonia Marzulli



From 2005 to 2014 I work as actress and trainer at the theatre company Astragali in Lecce: work based on poetic fragments by using songs and body as medium in a collective way. In 2015 I start my personal research on performing arts, including photography and voice improvisation. I realize four performances within the seasonal cycle: “Autumn_experiment #1” for voice and installation; “Winter or about Springs”, video and sound performance with movement; “Spring_experiment #3”, durational performance for one spectator at the time, selected at the Coffi Festival, Berlin 2017 and “Summer_celebration #4” during the artistic residence Uperform run by Factor Hill 2017. In 2018, the collaboration with M. Capurso leads to the creation of the durational performance “Into your mouth”, performed at the Bari International Gender Film Festival 2018 and at PhOEMina Festival in Naples 2019. Actually I'm working exploring the relation among human being and nature, exploring selfportraits and poetry.

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