Invitation 2021

"Invitation" is a video performance in which two people experience a deep connection supported by a device created by the artist. The device consists of two cups containing the same amount of tea, supported by a scale, all made of ceramic. For the performance, the two individuals need to drink the tea contained in the cups, without breaking the device while maintaining its balance.

The video submitted and the device demonstrated are part of a study. The originals will be produced during the artistic residency.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Isabel Kwon


Bel Ysoh, (Isabel Kwon) 1991, graduated in Graphic Design at Mackenzie University. After an immersion in ceramics in South Korea in 2018, she gathered experiences that now are the founders of her poetic premises. She currently works in the fields of ceramics, photography, painting and performance. Daughter of South Korean immigrants, her research is linked to this experience that transits between two worlds. The inherited eastern world, and the Brazilian one, her birth country. In this way, her work explores mainly issues of identity, belonging, patriarchal relations and political (inter)cultural structures, based on the relations between individual and collective. She is also an active member of Mitchossó Collective, a group of Korean-Brazilian non-binary women who are dedicated to creating dialogues between the people of the Korean community in São Paulo, discussing issues related to Korean immigration in Brazil and its relationship to Korean history.

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