White Rose 2014

Young girls pray on the first day of a “discretion age” program.
Bahraini families enrol their daughters in these programs once they reach the "discretion age", at which Muslim girls perform their legitimate duties such as conducting prayers and covering their hair (wearing hijab).

Central black 2011

Cloak (Abaya) is a traditional costume for Arab woman; it consists of a black piece of cloth worn from top of the head down to cover the whole body. Traditionally, abayas were made of silk; its value varies according to the quality of the silk used. Today abayas are made from different fabrics that are cheaper and more convenient for women needs. Today's abayas also come in a variety of modern designs; some women wear it on the shoulder, but others prefer the old-style Abaya

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Isa Ebrahim



Isa Ebrahim, born in 1979, is an award winning Bahraini photographer, winning 645 international awards, including 18 in the Middle East and 10 local awards. In addition to these awards Isa has received prestigious international titles in the world of photography; most importantly, the Master FIAP (MFIAP) title from the International Federation of Photographic Art; he is the first Arab photographer to receive this title. He has also received the Golden Achievement Award (EFIAP/g) and the Title of Excellence (EPSA) from the Photographic Society of America, in addition to the following titles from the Global Photographic Union: (GPU CR4), (GPU Zeus) and (GPU VIP4).
These awards and titles have enabled him to run several competitions, the most important being the ‘Bahrain Salon’, one of the major Middle East Photography Competitions in 2015. Isa has also participated as jury member in several local and international photography competitions.

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