Ram 2021

Included into a series of paintings based on the ornament of Azerbaijani carpet.
Ram is a symbol of courage, strength, and nobility. The work depicts original elements of the Azerbaijani carpet. The color palette emphasizes the significance of this animal.
The study of the history of carpet and regional differences of its ornament led me to the modern interpretation of the ornament elements in the painting.
The concept is to convey the authentic glory of the elements of the Azerbaijani carpet in modern art while preserving the cultural and historical ideology
Size 100 х 100 cm
Canvas, oil

Figs 2021

Series of Paintings “Azerbaijani Carpet”
I have always been attracted to the national traditions of the East, and now I am so excited to express my love for authentic art. There is a lot of spirituality and deep significance here.
I have done a series of paintings based on the ornament of Azerbaijani carpet. They reproduce original elements of the cultural and national heritage of Azerbaijan – the carpet. The symbiosis of national heritage and the progressiveness of this state is the idea I envisioned in the works of this series.
Size 90 х 90 cm
Canvas, oil

Sheep 2021

Project series of works Azerbaijani carpet

The work combined one of the main animals of Azerbaijan and the carpet ornament of different regional groups. It gives a life-affirming mood to its viewer. The bright palette conveys a Southern temperament and bold character. Somewhat decorative painting in the folk style retaining a volume, as if speaks of the complete meaning and translates the elements and patterns of the Azerbaijani carpet.

Size 90 х 90 cm
Canvas, oil

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Iryna Benderovska



I was born in 1977 in Odessa. I graduated from the State Art School.
Art is held to reflect the artists' inner world. This, at least, seems to be implicit in the core meaning of the expression: the outer manifestation of an inner state. I've always been brave and successful in my courageous acts, therefore, I'm not afraid to experiment.
My artworks reflect the sense of “folk” these days, I’m keen on working with ethnic applied arts. Every day I explore something new and project my personal discoveries through my artworks. For me painting is a metaphor for my vision of life, I create works full of simple brightness, positivity and color saturation. I use open colors, bold shapes and mix styles with vehement enthusiasm

I try to create the symbiosis of contemporary art and native cultural traditions whether I create flat artworks or paintings with perspective. Besides, I'm pretty detail-oriented paying special attention to compositional components and creating shapes.

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