Nature Waste 2020

It is time to hear the screams of nature, which humanity sacrificed for its own desires and its instant comfort.
We can enable a possible future for all living things on the planet, where we can rediscover the pleasure of living in balance with nature.
The work wishes to be an interpreter for the screams of nature. Let's see, hear, and act now for all of us.

Inner way of ambiguity 2020

Deep shadows, inner illusions, virtual judgments …

Tell me my future 2019

The Turkish coffee fortune-telling, which consists of saying unspoken things and creating hope for the future, is one of the strongest rituals. This ritual has a special place in women's meetings since it provides women with an atmosphere of covering up their own frustrations by gossiping over and condemning some other women who don't obey the rules of traditional patriarchal society. In this work, those abstract forms that are need to be interpreted are drawn on the face and the body of the woman and they transform into meanings which this woman should prepare for forecasted struggles in the coming stages of her life for. Having based on the contrast between modern human and a traditional ritual, the artist focuses on the desire of human being to know the unknown future in this video work. But the surprise comes at the end when she wipes out all those coffee stained forms on her body as she breaks away from all the prejudices and stereotypes put before her.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

İrem Çoban


She was born in 1986 in Turkey. She completed her undergraduate first and her master's degree in the department of Radio, Television and Cinema of Galatasaray University. During her undergraduate, she designed many posters, magazines as a designer at Galatasaray University Design Workshop. She has participated many exhibitions, festivals and workshops in various countries such as USA, Japan, Italy, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, Bulgaria. At the Art Woman 2020 Geo-Graphies exhibition organized by Primo Piano Living Gallery in Italy, she won the best technical application award the Silver Certificate with her "Tell me my future" video work. Her short film "Duy", which empirically treats the story of a child bride, was selected by various international festivals for "Offical Selection". She completed her doctoral degree at the Fine Arts Department at Maltepe University. Her thesis received the Doctoral Research Scholarship on Women in 2020 by Shenema International Short Film Platform.

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