BALANS / Ambient Room #3
interactive installation

Balans is a space of intuitive interaction, where objects set in motion create an ambient audio-visual environment. Diversified forms steered using movement help keep the bodies oscillating in the space in a state of balance. The surroundings, triggered by sensors, let the recipients adapt to the kinetic phenomena created in the space.

The installation is the third event in the cyclical project Ambient Room carried out by IP Studio – an active workshop and creative space run by artists associated with IP Group. In their actions the artists analyse chosen media aspects, creating a distinctive surrounding which becomes a background for intense sensuous experiences.
The concept of space, digital processing of signals, multimedia:
IP Group (Bogumił Misala, Jakub Lech, Piotr Choromański)
coordination: Dominika Kluszczyk [IP]

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IP Group


Identity Problem Group is an interdisciplinary artistic collective based in Poland, combining visual and performing arts as well as dramaturgy with architecture, video and soundart. IP Group’s domain is improvisation grounded in devised theatre, transmedia activities, performance art, multimedia installations and film. IP endorses activities at the periphery of art and theoretical practice and discourse, opening up to various fields of creative thought and daily life, as well as focusing on the creative process expressed via methodological work, laboratory activities and artistic creation.

IP Group was founded in 2009 by Bogumił Misala, Jakub Lech, Łukasz Twarkowski
Current members includes: Bogumił Misala, Jakub Lech, Dominika Kluszczyk
Previous members includes: Anka Herbut, Piotr Choromański


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