Touch skin 2019

Playing with the expression “touch screen”. Appealing to a more natural touch.

Induced mutation 2019

The eventual mutation of the human hand. The thumb and index as dominant fingers in the relation with the digital and the decreasing use of our other fingers.

intimate encounter II 2019

A booth to promote intimate encounters where pleasure is provided with the stimulation through synthetic materials. Exploring the concept of slime: pleasure through the touch on a screen promoting different sensations of texture.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Ines Norton


Graduated in communication Design – IADE University, Lisbon, had finished her degree on an exchange program with the University– PUC, in Rio de Janeiro (2005). Worked has a visual designer in Lisbon. During two years attended a painting course at AR.CO, Communication Visual Arts Center, Lisbon and in 2008-09 attended to the Foundations course on Slade Scholl of Fine Arts in London. Between 2010-2012 lived in Luanda where she leaded an art program with children within the framework of a project to support de development, having participated in the triennial of Luanda
(2010). In 2012 completed the program of independent studies at Maumaus School in Lisbon

She regularly exhibits her work and is represented by several national and international collections.

“I create, believing that art is the path less obstructed to experiencing, which taps in to that millionth of a second prior to the impulse to create barriers and create concepts, that I call the truth.”

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