Magic Lamp 2019

My oil paintings and caligraphies are not only a testimony of my personal history, but also of my cultural roots. The tales of the Thousand and One Nights not only appear in my mind’s eye, they are also reflected in my paintings. When painting a closed vessel, I imagine it to be a magic lamp in which a spirit is enclosed. Who sets him free has three wishes. I would want peace.
For me, peace is an inner transformation that enables us to love and brings us closer to God. I consider my painting as a purification of the soul, as an aid in the struggle against the misery in the world. The world is unpeaceful for lack of love. Only when we make peace with ourselves, we are capable of love.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Iman Mahmud


Born in 1956 in Baghdad, Iraq. Visit the School of Art and Graphics in Baghdad, after studying art at the Art Academy Baghdad

Selected exhibitions
2000 exhibition “Strokes of Genius – Contemporary Art from Iraq” in London
2002, 2003 Group Exhibition Museum Haus der Kunst, Munich
2003 group exhibition “of BEUYS from …” in the art space game, Munich
2003 group exhibition “Art Now Looking in Iraqi-out” DePaul University Art Gallery, Chicago
2004 Group exhibition at the Little Altstadtgalerie Dachau
2006 Group exhibition “Beuys from …” at the City Museum Weilheim
2006 Group exhibition “Europe and Islam” in the Pasinger Fabrik, Munich
2006 Group exhibition “Word into Art”, British Museum, London
2006 Group exhibition “Vanishing Point” in the white box Kultfabrik, Munich
2007 Group exhibition “Northern Art 07” Art in the Carlshütte (KIC), Rendsburg
2008, 2010 Festival “Dialogi” in St. Petersburg, Russia
2008 Group exhibition “Art in Motion” Cas

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