Study A 2021

Ignacio Bertetich’s art work deals with the shapes of the unconscious, and concerns the analysis of shapes. It uses Automatism as a means of accessing the unconscious mind. Conceptually speaking, his work resembles the philosophy of the Zen Buddhism.

Study of Silence 2020

The creative act is triggered by the use of automatism, with the aim of leaving a trace or an impression that serves as the base for the analysis of colour. He then starts exploring the forms, almost uncovering them, taking care of their dimensions and the space where they are born. Once this first impression is represented in the space, he carries on with the analysis of the colour and develops it by means of what the artist calls “feeling the colour”.
Shape emerges from colour world, while feeling, until it appears in that mysterious world, its own world, the world of shapes and figures. Some of the shapes that appear and suggest human figures emerge from others and indicate the artist a possible approach to the study. He develops the

The Open 2020

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Ignacio Bertetich


• 2019
-End of Year Exhibition at the Gisel Duran Gallery. November.
• -Los artistas del Senado Nacional de la República Argentina (The Artists of the Senate of the Nation) at the Senado de la Nación (Senate of the Nation). November.
• 2018
-Four Years at Joan of Art Gallery. October.
• 2017
-Group Exhibition of Artists at Udaondo Hospital. UDA-ARTE. June.
• 2016
-Gisel Duran Gallery Contest.
-Muestra de Manchas (Exhibition of Spots) at Sívori Museum. January.
-Some of my works are permanently displayed in F/O Objeto y Teoría Gallery.


• 2016
-1st Prize at the Gisel Duran Gallery Contest. June.


• 2020
-#unartistaporundia (one artist per day) Prana Gallery, @gallery.prana
-Del Sentir (About Feeling) at the Flaneur Bar. January.
• 2019
-Production Assistant of El Animal (The Animal), part of the Gerardo Naumann Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires. October.
-Gisel Duran Exhibition. May.

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