81 2016

Installation, 81 pieces miniature of cm 2×2, oil painting on wood,2016-2021
Installation of 81 oil miniatures, each approximately 2×2 cm. The choice of the number 81 is not random. 9 is in fact a number that in China represents eternity; something perpetually and constantly moving and developing, without ever ending. 9 multiplied by itself results in 81, a number formed by two digits that also add up to 9. Everything flows in an eternal flow, in a continuous cycle. With these 81 small paintings containing themes such as peace, violence, homosexuality, discrimination, I intend to highlight the importance of small isolated elements as part of a broad and heterogeneous reality. The world, in its immensity, is made up of all these little fragments, which pass under our inattentive gaze, without arousing our attention, but they embody the truest reality of our society and it is toward these that I turn my eye, to return their due importance.

Sleep with the artist 2017

Sometimes sleeping with a person is too difficult, sometimes very easy, but sharing a place so intimate with a stranger is something difficult to accept. The bed is the place where we find security and tranquility, is the symbol of protection, possession and home. Breaking this protection is also a strong and courageous gesture, I was very intrigued by people who wanted to try the performance 'sleeping with the artist', even their psychological reactions.
The performance lasted 3 hours in the MA & EC gallery during my solo show.

Comb 2018

Installation site-specific land art in Mabos Museum, Italy

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huiming Hu



Nel 2009 entrò in Beijing Forest University di facoltà Design artistico dell’ambiente, nell’anno successivo abbandonò l’Università a Pechino, e nel 2011 venne in Italia per approfondire la pittura ad olio, da 2011 a 2017 ha terminato lo studio di Triennio e Biennio all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara. Nel 2017 ha fatto mostre personali a Budapest Art Factory in Ungheria e a Javier Roman Gallery a Malaga, nel 2018 e 2019 ha fatto la mostra personale a MA-EC gallery a Milano. Nel 2018 bi-personale al Museo Ugo Guidi a Forte dei Marmi con lo scultore coreano Park Seungwan. Nel 2018 ha partecipato alla Mia Art Fiera a Milano, nel 2018 e 2019 alla WOPART fiera a Lugano. Tra le mostre collettive, è stata scelta alla mostra Pei’s World a cura di Luca Beatrice a Thetis Spazio a Arsenale Nord durante la biennale di Venezia 2019, ed alla mostra Colori-Astratti-Informali a cura di Fabio Cavallucci a VOTRE Spazio a Carrara.

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