Drawing With Wind 2020

The machine detects wind speed and direction, feeding fluctuant weather data into a robotic drawing board that moves, rotates and wiggles based on the live data. The artist attempts to cooperate with the apparatus, making marks on the unstable surface, and turning the invisible feeling of wind into abstract drawings.

A collaboration between Ashley Yuqi Zhang and Hua Zhang

Breeze 2020

During the lockdown, I invited outdoor weather data to indoor isolated space, trying to create a mimic creature which could visualise the wind and keep me accompanied.

Where Are We Going? 2020

A frog crossing road in a car park at night, a sight-seeing boat stuck in the middle of a lake, a red carpet leading path into the water, etc. Absurd footages taken on different journeys, paired with post-rock music, this video showcases different destinations and scenes during journeys, implying inconsiderate expanded human desires for natural surroundings.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Hua Zhang



The practice of Hua Zhang moves between kinetic sculptures, interactive installation, video and painting. To create poetic analogies that reflect on life and culture from different frames of experience, his work employs systematic structure such as drawing machine or robotic arm, and unpredictable matter such as liquid paint or wind force. Through arrange negotiation between man and machine, life and device, his works offer a chance to reconsider the relationship between human desires to our surroundings.

Hua Zhang studied printmaking at the Central Academy of Fine Art in China, and received his Master degree in Information Experience Design at Royal College of Art in the UK.

Hua Zhang lives and works in London and Beijing.

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