Storm. 2017

It is a storm inside you.
Imagine that you are between the worlds,
the sky, the earth, the time.
You are out of everything.
Instead oft that you can hear, see and feel everything.
You could put your head beside a flash,
hear the thunder,
see the explosion oft light,
and how it burn everything to the ground.
But you are directly in front oft it,
but it will nothing happen with you.
It is a storm in your mind.

kissing corner. 2016

A street, a wall, many cars, a park and ride place, a supermarkt, trains, an post industrial area.
Everythink there is dirty and broken. In the night you dont want to go along there.
A boring street, but many people have to use it every day.
I wanted to make it to an place with love. A Wall with pictures from couples.
People how are married, fell in love some month before, a mother with her child.
When people go along the street, doing their work, go shopping, feel lonly, do their life,
they could think about the things in life witch are important and make us to stand up in the morning.

Inner Peace. 2018

The cathedral of Muenster in NRW Germany.
A large old church, holy stones and ceremonys. But a Palace with less colors.
There are no colors witch are show the joy oft life. Only naked walls, white light.
A large in stone craved religion. A save place but without the lightness of the inner joy.
What you need to feel happy, was my question.
For an temporaly installation I made a picture on two windows. Show grass, flowers, a tent.
An easy simple situation. You stand in the church, looking outside and see through the yellow tent the warm sunlight and discover all the forms and colors of a simple pice of nature. Every form there make it to an more interesting place. And you are one of these forms and colors.
The tent is an simple and actual symbol of imigration and journey.
You stand in an stone buliding, but your mind is in the nature. Standing there and think about what you realy need to be happy in you life.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Holger Kueper


1978 born in Bochum Germany. 1998 - 2004 Computer science at the TU Dortmund, Germany. 2004 - 2010 art and education at TU Dortmund, Germany. Since 2011 fine art at the Kunstakademie Münster, Germany. Since 2012 in the class of profs. Maik and Dirk Löbbert. Since 2016 Meisterschüler Awards 2015 Förderpreis der Freunde der Kunstakademie Münster. Exhibitions 2018 "Biete Frieden", Münster Dom, Germany 2016 "Emscherkunst 2016", Dortmund, Germany 2016 "paleo", Clemens Selss Museum, Neuss, Germany 2015 "Förderpreis", Kunsthalle Münster, Germany 2014 "Klasse Sammlung", Städtische Galerie in Park, Viersen, Germany 2012 "Finale", LWL Museum for art and culture history, Münster Germany

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