Feelings of the Heart 2020

Nowadays, changes in our lifestyle are causing people to change in a way we have never experienced before.
Self-restraining, lockdowns, staying home, all of which refrain people from seeing friends and even their family members. I feel as if I'm running in a tunnel where I can't see ahead. Naturally people are being exposed to a tremendous amount of stress since the pandemic which brought hoaxes, discrimination and bullying.
Racism towards Asians and other ethnicities, hoaxes on the internet and bullying of patients and healthcare workers. These matters have also increased the number of suicides, and unfortunately all of this is happening right now.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

hidemi tokutake



Hidemi is a Japanese born ceramicist. She first studied at the Seto Ceramic School in Seto, Japan.
Seto-city is one of the main centres for the production of Japanese ceramics.
In 2013, Hidemi studied at the National Art School in Australia where she completed the Master course, majoring Ceramics and became a member of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC).
When she first came to Australia, the unique shapes and attractive detail of Australian flora – forms that do not exist in Japan, immediately fascinated Hidemi. Her work practice has evolved from a traditional and craft aesthetic in Japan to a more sculptural sensibility today. Native plants, including Banksia, various flowers, and seedpods inspire the organic ceramic forms and colourfully dynamic surfaces of her work. In her work Hidemi seeks to capture the underlying pulse of the natural Australian environment.

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