Queen 2020

The painting has many layers to it. Each layer was painted in a different Museum/gallery around Spain, Germany, Austria, Czech republic, etc. This particular piece was created during the first lock down, the first layer of this painting was created in Museum Nachodska (Czech republic).

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Hesham Malik



My artistic expression is characterized as fresh, with a much-elaborated relationship to the form, design and color scheme. The critical world art scene puts me in front positions of current contemporary art representatives. The theme of my creation simply includes the ordinary life of people – yet the analysis and expression of the “everydayness” is unique.

I intentionally exposes myself to the native cultures and their habitat, concentrates on the direct interaction with the people in the community. From this, I have gained much of the philosophical and ethnographic knowledge. Crossing the borders of cultural areas has been my passion and lifelong inspiration for creation. The contrasts and trivia of similarities of our human life are the subjects of my observations.

I am a narrator and critique at once and invite the viewer to a deep introspection and call to a dialogue.

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