Uncertain Pixel 2019

UNCERTAIN PIXEL , 4 channel video 4 channel sound, 00:01:00, 2019
● Uncertain pixel was conceived from the search for meaning in the eventuality of the wider picture a pixel will form. A picture is the process through which the information of a specific position and specific illumination is stored in pixels. The images that we see or record through media are merely fleeting moments captured incidentally, reliant upon the moment’s delicate balance between position and light. Uncertain pixel represents the concept that the pixels constituting a picture were borne out of coincidental relationships; this process has been reconstituted. Using a time lapse approach, light is reborn as the breath of wind by reproducing the silent movement of breath through another energy dimension.


ABSENCE OF BREATH, single channel video, 00:01:58, 2019

● This work starts from the idea that existence is expressed through change. Change manifests through motion and motion requires energy. This video is a paradoxical portrayal of landscapes without energy. The original video was of a busy cityscape during sunset, taken using time-lapse. However, in this piece, the pixel information was superimposed, eliminating motion while preserving the change in light. This leads to an unfamiliar image of abject silence.

Uncertain Pixel Cloud 2019

UNCERTAIN PIXEL Cloud , single channel video single channel sound, 00:00:51, 2019

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Heesoo Agnes Kim

South Korea


Heesoo Agnes Kim’s work pertains to notions of life and self-identification. It plays upon the notion of dreams and deals with issues of self- identification and the social influences that affect how a personality is constructed. She is exploring a range of possibilities, from metamorphosis to transformation to questioning the construction of a self relayed through social phenomena, nature, animal masks, childhood toys and stories as the means to communicate my concerns. ” Between the reality of existence and the search for truth the vitality of my art practice is tempered. The purpose of our existence is not to meet the expectations we create of an idealized world, but to destroy the strength and virtue of ideals. The essence of life then is to search and the artistic concern in my art is struggle of identity. Social goals may continue for generations, but they are initially expressed through individuals.”

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