We want to propose our whole SPEEDYHARMONYCOLLECTORTHINGSINSTALLATION. The goal of the installation was related to the question whether a fashion item can be bought as a piece of art, instead of a disposable product. We created the installation in the same way as our collection: spontaneous shapes like uncut threads. We gathered around objects we loved, like dried flowers, seeds and little clay sculptures, like the colors and textures of our fashion items. We wanted to make everything, as well as the sound, the surrounding, the collection and the installation to become one piece. The installation is a configuration of garments and sculpture. It utilised conceptual pieces and the narrative of sweatshop manufacturing.


Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Hedwig Vervoort


Hedwig Vervoort and Charles Antoine Chappuis found SPEEDYHARMONYCOLLECTORTHINGS in early 2018. Charles has a background in textile and sculptural design and Hedwig in fashion design, performance and film. SPEEDYHARMONYCOLLECTORTHINGS brings an experience that blurs the line between art and fashion.

Our primary focus is the clothing collection, but we work with multiple disciplines either through collaborations or projects of our own. In the past, we have presented our work in collaboration with film directors, food designers, and dancers from the NDT.

Our principal conceptual interest is spontaneity. Throughout our project, we have let emotion and intuition guide us and felt little priority for rational justifications. Our sense of naturalness inspired the shapes of the sculptures, the design of the collection, the brand aesthetic and the spatial configurations.

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