Sadness 2018

Eponymous feeling is expressed by hands folded on the face and cold color gamut. Embryonic setting of the figure, the face covered with palms, the knees drawn up, and the tangled hair, are supposed to illustrate the immersion in sadness, even despair, and the general feeling of danger.

Breathe 2019

A woman in “the moment of now”. Artwork combining a fluid acrylic abstraction describing her emotional world and a figurative portrait anchoring it all in the real world.

The Kiss 2019

Sensual composition of fluid acrylic abstraction and figurative portrait. The painting describes one intimate moment between a pair of lovestruck people… The abstract part depicts the energy and emotions behind the scene visible to the naked eye. Flows of blue and red paint describe the masculine and feminine energy.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Hanna Bartos


My name is Annata. I am an artist born in Minsk, Belarus and currently residing in Warsaw, Poland. I loved to create since my childhood, but really found my artistic path while living in Nepal and Peru. This is the reason for frequent references to spirituality and emotions in my art. After coming back to Europe I decided to study painting in Krakow, Poland. After finishing the degree I focused on a work in studio on the idea of combination between abstract and figurative art.

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