I am far too busy to read a book (diptych) 2021

Playing on the idea of enlightenment and the aesthetics of emptiness and minimalism associated with it. The scale (& blank pages) of the book is highlighted in the wide sparseness of the room. However, it is unclear if the book is a discarded physical artifact, or an important transcendental element of the space, especially given its relationship with the body in the space.

Summer House (diptych) 2021

The oppressive pursuit of free time, leisure and relaxation, in the day and evening time.

morning routine 2021

A play on the chaos of morning routines; a time expected to be the most productive & calming of the day. A fragment of the female body is in a state elevated throughout its movement from bed to sunlit window.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Hala Tawil



Hala Tawil is a Lebanese visual artist based in the Netherlands.

Influenced by her background in architecture, Tawil constructs images of composed interiors and framed views that center on the archetype of the female form.

Romanticized & cliched impressions of the lonely woman inform Tawil's visual explorations, where the central female character is often rendered incomplete, fragmented or blurred: a central 'object' passive to its circumstance in large, empty spaces.

Using digital techniques of illustration, collage, & modeling, Tawil aims to create unsettling glimpses and play on relationships between the body and its surroundings, and the relationship of the viewer observing the the body of the other.

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