Orange & blue 2020

31 x 41 cm
Ink on paper
This drawing expresses the appeasement and the solitude.
I often work on very detailed compositions. As I have always been fascinated by Japanese prints and calligraphy, I started to use a calame (bamboo stem used for calligraphy since antiquity) to make my little blue dots.
You will need to make a zoom on the picture to see the details

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Guillaume Thunis


Through my drawings I seek to express my relation to the world, and the quest for meaning that flows from it.
When I draw, I reinvent my relationship with time. I often launch myself into creations that require extreme patience. I then practice a meditative drawing and lose the notion of time, or on the contrary, I regain control of it. It is an alternation of moments where I am fully awake and periods during which I am totally off-centered of myself.
Yet, I draw the time that passes by.
I nourish myself abundantly from the nature, from images of the past and childhood memories. All these elements merge together until one day they give rise to an emotion, an intuition.
Beyond the happiness I have in drawing, I want to create a true reflection about the relationship we have with the notion of time in our fast-paced societies.
I want to create a space of freedom for the spectator, I seek to suspend time, to create silence.

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