Hi Society 2020

oil on canvas, 194 x 129 cm.
The dog, without hesitation, replaced the man. In staging inspired by psychological, social or spiritual subjects, my dogs, without any concealment, were able to transmit tremendously and without any loss our human and inhuman nature. We have the evil and the good, the oppressor and the oppressed, the teacher and the pupil, the happy and the unhappy, see the aggressive. We also have angels, real and, don't be surprised, artificial too.

Birth of Rose Profet 2020

oil on canvas, 130 x 195 cm.
The canvas is generally defined by several parameters. First and foremost – emotional load which has to come first, and second – the narrative and the context in which the story takes place. Dogs here, unusually, but seem to convey human emotions better than humans themselves.
The stories are linked to our collective reflection and are often carriers of biblical memory.

The Kingdom 2020

oil on canvas, 163 x 150 cm.
Canvases like "The Kingdom" underline the supremacy of high rank in the pecking order, as well as the purity of blood. Therefore, those who find themselves in the lower strata of society express their dissatisfaction. Driven by an inferiority complex They are doomed to flattery, revolt or banal aggression.
In the underwater scenes our emotions are twofold. On the one hand, we see their carefree pleasure, and at the same time we feel danger, which begs the logical question: do these funny creatures realize that they are not fish or amphibians, and how is underwater play dangerous?
Subject to the laws of classicism and caught between nihilism and religion, a fragile balance is always on the verge of something, tension, patience, curiosity … Yet it is the balance over which we can lose control at any time.

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Born in Tbilissi, Georgia in 1964, I was part of generation, between soviet official art and avant garde movement, radical and explosif. After Tbilisi and Moscow, in 1990 I came to Paris. More than 30 I expose, participe in groupe exhibitions and nearly each year have a personal shows in different places in the world. The pictures I propose are part of works done in 2020 in Nice, in a period of pandémie, and shown in a same year in Historical State Museum in Tbilisi, with a title "Were is Our Place". For this occasion it was done a video, shown the animations of the parts of my works, dogs, like a allégorie of our society.
Actually I work for a new project based on Bible and Old Will, with Installation, panting, video and sound.
My other parts of activities are literature (I edited 5 books), animation films (I worked like art director for TV in Paris). Today I'm teaching animation films in a University of Georgia.

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