Ruins 2018

70*50*46cm . My work is considered as to dissolve what has been named as ceramics, or to dissolve the existence of artist who was understood to make and have signed his or her name afterward, the work from my vision is clay works are clay and fire self-forming container, I like the director Kubrick’s space scene, I think this self formed container (which isn’t belongs to anybody) is closely related to the earth and body, but also with religion in the concept of Messiah time. This body of work is not only to remember events, but also to dismantle oneself. It’s also an object that has been weathered and constantly formed, and the body becomes a container in the last concept of time. Therefore, as a genealogical lineage case analysis, the container connects body and history. It should reveal a body full of history and destroy the history of the body.

Floating rocks(yellow) 2018


Promised land 2019


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Guanghui Chen


Guanghui Chen
Born 03 1969. Shanxi China
B F A: Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. Jingdezhen, P R China
M F A: New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, NY, Alfred
Faculty and Head of Ceramic program at Shanghai University

Major shows:

2019: Korean International Ceramic Biennale
2018: “Ceramics Tomorrow” 60 Faenza Biennial, Italy
2017: “Floating Africa” Solo Exhibition at Assilah Comtemporary Art Center, Morocco
2016: 2nd National Ceramics, National Fine Arts Museum, Beijing
2016; “Cont(r)act Earth”1st Mid China International Ceramics Biennale
Zhengzhou, Henan
2016; 3rd Purple Gold Prize of Jiangsu Provincial. Gold Prize, Nanjing
2014; 12th National Grant Arts Expo (Ceramics) Tang Museum, Xian
2014; Ahead of the Curve: new china from China
Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery
The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke-on-trend
2013; “Encountering Arts of Asia” Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta

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