"unaccompanied, i dreamt myself to pieces and of many gloaming places." 2020

35mm film portrait

"look at them." 2021

35mm film portrait

home movie N/A

film photography vignettes with original composition/a dream

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Gregory Hazel

United States


a self proclaimed basement artist, gregory hazel was fortunate enough to land a job under darryl fossa, the art director of PAINWeek. here, he was challenged to unearth his aesthetic while diving head first into graphic design and animation in an environment that treats marketing as not a business but a fine art. his interests spread like oil, having later interned for pomegranate arts and writing music for short films while living in brooklyn.
he wants to be buried with a minolta maxxum 35mm camera and a neon yellow caran d'ache pencil. photographs and words are the same to him, and he uses them to navigate trauma, death, childhood, and sex to help himself and others feel a little less out of place. when he’s not developing film, he works on his book entitled rem cycle blueprints; a narrative series of vignettes born from his dream reconstruction journal. he lives currently in boston with his husband, jeffrey, and dog, mica.

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