Eliott 2018

glazed ceramic, quartz crystal, mystic topaz.

Garden gnomes are ambiguous objects, both charming and scary. Full of irony they question our intellectual approach to art, disconnected with immediate feelings of pleasure.

king putto 2021

King putto
glazed ceramic, goldleaf.
30,5 x 23,5 x 12cm

Putti are messengers of gods, the link between mankind and the divine. During art history they lost their spiritual strength to a cute and harmless appearance. Their strong religious omnipresence make them a perfect subject of transgression.

Ghost 04 2020

Ghost 04
glazed ceramic
44 x 22,5 x 20 cm

ghosts can cross walls, they are invisible and everywhere. With his funny smile and phallic shape, this ghost is an allegory of sex in our present time.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

gregory georgescu



Born in Brussels from Romanian parents, my childhood was infused with antiques, eighties toys and a deep feeling of rejection. I was a shy kid and the objects surrounding me were like friends. Growing up in enrolled in fashion study, etching prints, screenprinting and jewelry.Crafting jewelry was the first approach to tridimensionnal work but at a micro scale.I finally discovered ceramic through a friend and a whole new world opened to me, bigger scale and the wonderful world of textures, colors of glaze. The transformation of mud into wonderful and sparkling objects is an alchemical act. The full power exerted on the earth during the modeling process as opposed to the uncontrollable work of glazing. A strange link between love and sadism is woven during the work: building, scratching, dirtying, overloading, an expiation of frustrations, revenge on the inevitability of life. Precious stones pave the eyes of the sculptures, idols with disturbing smiles. Child's toy or mysterious fetish

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